Maintenance Agreements

To insure maximum efficiency of your air conditioning and heating system, it should be periodically serviced.

Comfort Consultants, Inc. offers maintenance agreements for each of your air conditioning/heating systems. The agreement entitles the consumer to two service inspections during a twelve month period.  One inspection in the Spring to service the air conditioning unit and one inspection in the Fall to service the furnace.

Inspections Include

  • Inspecting and cleaning
  • Checking refrigerant pressures
  • Tightening electrical connections
  • Checking for proper voltage and amp draw
  • Oiling and greasing motors, if required
  • Checking and cleaning condensate drainage system within unit
  • Insuring that electrical controls are working
  • Cleaning either indoor or outdoor coils, as needed
  • Checking heating operation including ignition sequence, safety controls and pilot performance, if applicable